Routines & Discipline

Structure is important to feel grounded and like you have direction in life. Once you know what you're working towards you can adapt your routines, habits and self-discipline to help you best achieve your goals. Here are some areas you could start to implement changes to in your life:

Morning Routine

The morning is the perfect time to set the intention for the day ahead, remind yourself of your goals and to express what you're grateful for. We have over 70,000 thoughts every day, majority of which are repeated from the day before. What you consume includes what you take in through all the senses - what you see, hear, speak, taste and smell all impact the thoughts you will have throughout the day. When you make the choice to consciously control your thoughts from the moment you wake up, you will start your day with intention and mindful awareness. 

Discipline & Habits

Self-discipline is an area a lot of people struggle with - you're not alone. One of the things you can implement is a habit tracker. For every day you get a tick, you can feel a sense of achievement and from that point all you need to do is "keep the streak" of ticks going. This also acts as a visual aid which means you can actually SEE the progress and efforts you have been putting into your work. This in itself can be a source of motivation as well. 

If you're finding it hard for you to change, you may be questioning what you're doing wrong - does this sound familiar? Being aware of what needs to change is the first step in being able to create changes in your habits and lives. Are you aware of your negative habits? 

List your negative habits and then in the next column list the habits you wish to replace them with. With habits, its easier to replace them rather than to eliminate them - think of it like a cup.

If a cup is full of dirty water and you try to add clean water, it will overflow. You need to empty the dirty water out before you can refill with the clean water. 

Apply this concept to your habits. First decide which habits need changing, become aware of when you do them, what triggers them and then find an alternative habit to replace it. This requires little effort but is a practice of self discipline as well as getting your habits in check.

The Compound Effect

The compound effect is when all your little efforts and changes start to add up and you start to see the results. After you've stayed consistent with your new habits and routines for long enough* you will start to see the changes become part of your new self. Through repetition you have changed your thought patterns and physical actions - and are now (hopefully) living a more fulfilled and intentional life. 

However, as much as we'd love for the compound effect to only work positively we must remember that it has the same power to compound negativity in your life too. If you're constantly thinking about what could go wrong, the worst case scenario, everything that is wrong with yourself and the world - then of course your thoughts and actions will start to bring negativity into your life.

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