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Inner Peace

Wealth without health and peace of mind is not the goal. If we want true wealth - it starts from within. Finding inner peace means doing the work on yourself starting with your mindset and gradually progressing to managing and maintaining your peace, choosing to be positive and building an environment around you that is conducive to your growth as an individual bringing you blessings in abundance.

Managing Thoughts

Becoming aware of your thoughts is the first step to changing them. Without self awareness you will not be able to create change and this is where confusion will arise - how can you try to change something if you don't know what you're  trying to change? 

Next time you think of a thought, positive OR negative, bring your awareness to the fact that you've had a thought (acknowledge what you're thinking). Recognise whether or not it is constructive - does it make you feel good or bad? Are you overthinking? Are you having anxious thoughts?

After you have done this for a while, you will be able to tell when you're thinking positive and negative thoughts. At this point you may also become aware of the triggers that cause your negative thoughts. Developing your awareness to this level is a huge achievement and congratulations for the work you've been doing - now is the hard part - actively changing your way of thinking.

When you think of something negative and can become aware of it, now is the time to pre-program your way of thinking by reframing the thought into something positive.

For example:

Initial Thought - "I'm not good enough"


You: I am aware of what I'm thinking and I acknowledge that this thought is negative because I don't feel good right now. Let me think of a more constructive thought to help myself feel better.


Example of new, more constructive thought:
"I may have weaknesses, I am human - but I know my strengths and am proud that I am good at _________"

Note: It may take a while to think more constructively, that's okay! This process will take time and every time you become aware of your thoughts you are raising your self awareness to new levels. Trust the process and reach out if you need to - use the FREE 30 minute coaching session if you're struggling to think of more positive thoughts.

Low Mood

If you're struggling with low mood - you're not alone. Low mood is something I have struggled with myself and am sure many of you have. Feeling sad or down is something every human experiences however if you are experiencing this for long periods of time it is best to seek help in managing it. This can be done through therapy.

Some practical things you can do to manage your low mood include

  • writing a list of what you're grateful for

  • exercising (walking is great)

  • journaling your thoughts and feelings

  • doing something that makes you feel better - like dancing to your favourite song on blast in your bedroom

  • listen to an audio that gets you motivated or inspires you

Acceptance & Moving Forward

When you accept something and move forward you make space for something better to enter your life. It may not seem like this at the time because it appears that everything is falling apart, however it is all for a better reason. 

Being Present

Mindfulness is the practice if being in the present moment. There are many benefits to living a mindful life including increased self awareness, self control, concentration, mental clarity and compassion. 


You may have heard of Mindfulness before and the phrase 'being mindful' but this section will tell you how to implement it into your life effortlessly. 


The first thing you can do is give yourself 5 minutes when you wake up of just focusing on your breathing. Focus on your breath flowing through your body and feel your stomach and chest rise. Then focus on what you can feel in each part of your body, working down from your head, through your shoulders, chest, arms, stomach, thighs, calves and feet. Doing this every morning will allow you to wake up calmly. As mentioned in the morning routines section - how you start the day and the thoughts you have when you wake up are what set the intention for your day. Starting the day with Mindfulness starts the day with a clear mind and sets the intention of a day of clarity. 

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