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Goal Setting

Without a goal, we have no definite direction of where we want to go. For some of us, we might not even know where to start with setting goals - the tabs below are a guide to take you through the process of discovering WHAT you actually want and how to set effective and achievable goals.

Setting Goals

Are you someone who struggles with achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself? If so then you’re not alone. It could be for many reasons - maybe you overestimate how much you can get done within a timeframe, maybe you set goals but then life gets in the way and the tasks don’t get completed, maybe you don’t know what goals to set. Don’t worry - be sure to try these action steps and see if you see any improvements.


If you’re struggling with daily tasks and to do’s:


  1. Write a list of everything you need to get done in no particular order

  2. Prioritise your tasks into ABCDE

A - immediate tasks

B - must get done

C - should do

D - could do

E - it can wait

Get started on the immediate tasks (A) and work through your list in this way, getting the most important tasks done first


If you are struggling with what you actually want and desire:


  1. Write a list of everything you desire

  2. Include your desires and goals from all categories - personal, financial, business (if applicable), relationships, emotional, spiritual and health

  3. Choose which of your desires and goals you want to work on or that resonate the most with you right now

  4. Make a plan to achieve these goals and desires 


If you’re struggling with focussing on your goals or believing its possible for you to achieve:


  1. Write a goal card for yourself in the present tense

  2. For example: “I am so happy and grateful now that I am living a life of financial freedom”

  3. On the next line write what you are willing to give up and sacrifice to pay the price of being deserving of your desire

“I am willing to do what it takes - late nights, early mornings, willingness to change myself and old habits, have the self discipline to become the person who is worthy of this goal”

  1. Then you can write a date by which you wish to complete the goal by - this is optional

  2. Read this goal card every morning and night and visualise your life as if your goal is already completed, as if you are living your desired life right now. 

  3. Read as many more times throughout the day as you feel is necessary - if you start to lose focus, re read it and get the FEELING back - that it’s already done!


To believe in something without a doubt is to know it. To know is to feel. Therefore to believe in anything is to have a strong emotional response - a feeling towards it. Emotions are how we transmit energy on a vibrational level. Through believing with no doubt in our minds we directly increase our vibration to a high frequency - when this frequency is maintained for long enough you will achieve anything you put your mind to via the law of attraction.


One of the major breakthroughs I was taught and that stuck with me straight away is that when you’re focusing on your goal or desire, are you thinking of it in terms of how great it is and how excited you are for it to manifest in the present or are you thinking about how much you don’t yet have it in the present?


When we think about our goal we are supposed to feel great, amazing and excited with anticipation. We can tell if our thoughts towards our goals are positive or negative based on the feeling we get when we think about it.


When we feel good, it is because we believe with no doubt that what we desire will become our reality.

When we feel bad, we’re not actually focussing on the goal itself but rather the lack of it. When we focus on the lack of our goal in the present moment it introduces thoughts of doubt, insecurities, fear and uncertainty. When this happens we are not actually focussing on the achievement of our goals, we are focussing on the lack of achievement of our goals. This is why those who are doubtful or unsure or fearful of their goals can not achieve them. It is a lot harder to attract the goals and reality you desire if you don’t believe it's even possible.


Remember this - in order for your goal to become your reality you have to believe firstly that it's possible, for you and for anyone, and secondly when you think about it, you must think of it as if it's already happening and know without a doubt in your mind that you’re going to achieve it no matter what.


I dive deeper into belief on a more personal level in my personalised coaching sessions - find out more here


You may have heard of the acronym



On one





It is a great message to remember. A lot of us struggle with sticking to one thing, whether that’s one business idea, one main goal or even a decision in life. It means that you should focus on one thing at a time. Master the first course of action you take before moving onto another or starting something new. 


There was a time in my life where I was learning to trade in the forex markets - there were many different strategies and I didn’t see much success because I kept changing strategies every month. I would see one that had a higher percentage gain for the last month and want to learn that strategy instead - however if I’d have just stuck to one at the start until I mastered it, I would've gone a lot further in a shorter space of time, without as much confusion and frustration.


We do this due to the want for instant gratification - we live in a world where the majority of us follow our emotions instead of logic. We can get next day delivery on our online orders, would rather go out and have fun rather than staying home working on ourselves, fall into ‘get rich quick’ schemes, and sacrifice our goals in order to feel better in the moment.


Focus involves having an awareness that what you may not want to do now will benefit your future more positively than what you may want to do instead. Delayed Gratification.


Examples of delayed gratification and focus include:

  • Waking up when your alarm goes off in the morning

  • Working out when you say you will

  • Sacrificing the more ‘fun’ things you can't afford to waste money on right now in order to have them in abundance in your future


Focus is where you put your attention. You could focus on how you feel right now - maybe you just woke up but your bed is cosy and one more hour won't hurt surely, or you could focus on your vision how productive your day will be when you have the discipline to wake up early. You could even just focus on the fact you’re building the skill of discipline which is great because the skills you develop and who you become are what will allow you to reach your goals.  

Dream Building

Dream building is incorporating all of your senses into an experience or visualisation.

For example, if one of your goals is to own your own home, going to visit houses and view properties even when you aren't ready to move yet creates an experience as if it is happening right now.

You SEE what it would look like, HEAR the sound of the agents, surroundings, floor etc, SMELL the house and TOUCH the walls, doors, appliances in each room. You experience a TASTEr of what it would be like to move right now.


Because you experienced the houses you now have expectations of what it could be like and more importantly HAVE BELIEF it is POSSIBLE because you've experienced it already. 


Whatever your goals are, create opportunities to experience how it feels to live as if you've achieved them already.


As mentioned above in BELIEF, experiencing the feeling as if your goal is present raises your vibration and increases your belief level to an undying belief that it is possible and is present in your reality.

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