Achieving Self Mastery

A Book for the Centuries


Achieving Self Mastery

by Janine Ambrose, PhD




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The Book

Simplified, broken down into easy steps for living. You can use the information on a daily basis to make the changes you desire. More than a concept, this is the simple truth that you will be able to implement.


You'll learn you are a part of everyone and everything. When you help yourself, you also help the world around you.


Each time you have doubt or something life feels bad, you'll become conscious of it. This allows you to stop it quicker until you don’t even have to go there. You'll understand what your role is in this world, how to adapt, and put yourself in the power seat. 


  • You will have a better life as you learn to make the changes necessary with self mastery because you deserve to have the life of your choosing.    
  • In this place of higher achievement you will understand how to recognize elements to have a better body and mind.    
  • You will learn to embrace the opportunities for meditation and thoroughly recognize what it will do to bring on the changes you deserve. BECAUSE YOU ARE WORTHY OF IT!    
  • Through journaling and mapping you will discover what it is you want and have direction to get there. 


Imagine a puzzle and in this puzzle are all these pieces that create the final picture. Achieving self mastery helps you create the masterpiece of your life. And then you will be able to share the knowledge with others. Family, friends, etc.

We all have the abilities  to achieve at this level. We all have the skills of Meditation and Self Mastery, trust me… I've helped many people and I can help you too! We all have times in our lives where we feel as if we have been forgotten, as if we are without the strength, and we may even feel powerless to help ourselves.But YOU are not! You will overcome and I won’t leave you behind! If I can do this, anyone CAN!  


If you don’t make changes, you don’t get different results! 


Ultimate Guide to Achieving Self Mastery  is your path to the Peace, Health, Freedom, Happiness, Prosperity, Self Confidence, Success and even Love and this is your birthright!  

Once we realize everything is a reflection of us, we can choose what we want to reflect. 


"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing." 

~Albert Einstein 


In the busy world we live in, it is hard to find peace. We need to realize that we are living a full life and our life is a journey. But most of the time we just go through the motions. In my experience, I had a time when I didn’t even know what season it was. I was so intent on my quest. Quest for a house, quest for kids, quest for a job… 

You can go to a psychic, you can go to a healer… these people can give you relief and guidance. But there are basic laws to the Universe that you need to know. The mystics know these, the great healers of the world know these, and Einstein knew them. We should all know the basic laws of the Universe! 

Problems are patterns. Rule of thumb is that it takes 21 days to create a habit or to break a habit. It is systematic. In Achieving Self Mastery, I give you the steps to create successes in all areas of your life. I guide you through the systematic solution to recognize your issues. Then you are presented with the exact documented processes for you to deal with your problems, issues or concerns and have complete success. 

You have to get definite! You should want to go the extra mile. It can be easy, but you have to get there to make it easy. You have to set things in motion… and you have to believe in yourself. I will give you the steps to make you a believer.  

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence” 



"Dr. J says, JUST DO IT!" 


What are some of the benefits to Achieving Self Mastery? 

Once you learn these skills to Achieving Self Mastery, when something isn’t going right in your life, you will know what you are doing wrong and understand what is creating these problems. You'll be conscious and you'll understand why things are going in the direction you don’t want them to go. You will have the skills to adjust what you need to adjust to have what you truly want. 

By observing yourself and the reflections around you, you can take charge of your life. You can change the things that need to be changed. You can create and get definite on what you want with your life through the processes of release and attraction.  

There are Nine Principles to Achieving Self Mastery.  Here is a look at what's inside (Chapter by Chapter): 

     Principle #1 – The Physical: Elements we all need to create a healthy and happy life 

     Principle #2 – Meditation: “Connecting” and “Balancing” our lives 

     Principle #3 – Forgiveness: “Releasing” the Past  

     Principle #4 – Journaling: Creating a healing and focused environment for today and tomorrow 

     Principle #5 – Visualization: Developing and “seeing through” in our minds eye and creating a plan of action 

     Principle #6 – Power of Words: Putting a “Vibration” to our thoughts  

     Principle #7 - Maps for Success: Equipping you to discover your plan and documenting the visual to speed up the process

     Principle #8 – Conscious Thought: Understand what it means to be “co-creators” of our lives 

     Principle #9 – Power of Giving: “The Quickening” will speed up your results and create a life of abundance 





KelleyJanine continues to amaze me with her inspiring insights and talents. She is gifted beyond measure and can help guide anyone to the beauty of life and understanding that everyone of us deserves. 
She is a blessing to all of those fortunate enough to meet her. She has blessed us all with her knowledge. My life is forever changed by her talents and gifts...As I know your's will be too. 
Love and Blessings 
Kelley K.